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Nodari is a design company based in the North of Jutland, specialized in design of special furniture.

In addition, the company offers development of design / furniture from idea to finished product.


The founder is Igor Nodari, and despite the name sounds Russian, it has nothing of it.
Igor is a fullblood Italian, born and raised in the North of Italy. More specifically Bassano del Grappa. A small town located by Monte Grappa mountain. Idyllic ... see here.


From Italian chef to Danish designer


Originally educated chef, in Italy in 2006.
In 2007, he got the chance of working in Denmark, on an Italian restaurant.
Curious and excited, Igor says yes.


But how do you go from chef to designer?


"Both subjects require creative thinking, constantly out of the box, to invent the latest way of preparing / building the next meal / design.
Cooking has never been my passion, but I have always been able to see opportunities in something new, and to develop something from a thought to a finished product.
Passion for design grows.
The interest in furnishing and generally creating a product from scratch, leads me to take a new road.
I wanted to create something useful and beautiful at same time, something that could last longer than a meal".


Joiner was the obvious education. Cause only knowing the materials and their limits is it possibible to challenge them, and so be able to create something unique.

Pushed by my passion for making furniture I started to design my own collection, starting from a lounge table. Now I have 2 collections, and 11 designs on my portfolio. My designs appears in several danish interior magazines and they are a part of the public art exhibition Østebro Salonen.

The inspiration is collected from all places. But the landscapes  in the North of Jutland, has made a great impression. Yes, it's flat and boring (as someone could say), but I see clean lines, geometry, sharp and clear details on a clear background. Naturally simple.

My designs are inspired by the simple way of looking at things.

(Probably the Italian influence added the danish living).

Nothing else".

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