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about the products

Nodari's furniture is designed by Igor Nodari. 


Shaped by beautiful sharp lines, forming a unik piece of furniture composed of several geometric shapes, in its simplicity, harmoniously together.


With nature as the main source of inspiration, I have chosen some environmentally friendly materials, clean and simple shapes, as well as colors, perfectly composed. The furniture consists of 3 materials: MDF, paint and linoleum.



durable and practical


Durability and usefulness have been tested at my home for half a year, where my girlfriend and our three children (6-7-8 years), have used the furniture for their primary function - to be used and without any kind of consideration. I am really surprised by the linoleum's strength, despite the delicate and fine look. Paint has been dried by regularly, but it keeps impeccably on its shine and texture.

Basic material for all furniture is MDF, either with melamine on surfaces or just raw. Its material is easy to use in production and it is a very robust sheet material.


All furniture are spray painted, close to the top, where the linoleum's soft surface gives contrast and an exclusive touch.


Here's an overview of the properties of the surfaces.






The paint used is from Teknos, one of the leading suppliers of industrial surface treatment. And not any paint, but a water-based AQUACOAT 2650-33, that means:





























Furniture Linoleum, suitable for office furniture and institutions furniture is slowly becoming a known product at the private. The colors with its soft shades and natural look add style and elegant interior. Linoleum is made from very finely ground linoleum granules made from pure oxidized vegetable linseed oil and natural resin, added wood flour, lime and coloring pigments.



gentle to the environment because it contains no turpentine.

gloss 30, which provides a durable and

robust surface.

good resistance to water, coffee and alcohol.

good adhesion to the primer and bottom

rich surface

quick drying

clean with water

blue dinnertable

tactile finish that is warm and comfortable


matt surface


natural material

environmentally friendly choice

no marks from fingerprints


long lasting vibrant colours

pleasant to write on 

bench - stools
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